So it’s been 2 years since I last blogged and in my recent post I used a bunch of tags that I had used in the past, but something has changed. Previously I had only a very small number of followers but those that did follow were genuinely interested and would interact on occasion.

After my return post a few weeks back, I received a bunch of new followers, every single one of which had weight loss bullshit as the main theme of their blog.

So I guess blogging here has someone succumbed to the ridiculous side of Instagram where number of followers seems to be more important than quality content and building of community. People follow without reading in the hopes of getting a follow back.

To be honest, it put me off and I wasn’t sure whether to continue blogging here or not. The thing is, for a few reasons, one of which I will elaborate more on at a later date, this is something I want to do right now. Primarily I want to write because it’s something that helps me process my thoughts, but I also know that I have got a lot out of following other people’s journeys and if anyone finds what I write interesting or useful in some way, then cool.

So, this is a short one really just to say that I am back and I will keep blogging. And if anyone is *actually* reading this, intentional weight loss is bullshit, harmful and has nothing to do with health. I am absolutely, unequivocally and staunchly anti diet and fat positive so if you’re looking for weight loss tips or someone else to follow your diet or ‘wellness’ blog, you’ve come to the wrong place. For anyone else, I’ll be back soon to talk more about aphantasia, intuitive eating and other random bits as they come up.

~ B

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