Being flexible

IMG_1681.JPGIt’s important, as much as you may (or may not!) have a routine or a program, to allow yourself to swap things around when you need or want to.

Yesterday, I was scheduled to run but when my alarm went off I could hear it absolutely pouring with rain outside. Now I don’t mind a bit of a run in the rain but this was really heavy and I did not feel like it. For a moment I contemplated rolling over for another half hours sleep but instead I decided to do the workout I had planned for today.

Now I’ve always loved doing upper body weights. I enjoy lifting and I especially love to feel that my muscles have worked hard afterwards. I feel strong then and I like it. So I got up and did some biceps and triceps exercises and after a good stretch I felt fantastic.

It’s been a while since I have felt so good because I had been too caught up in eating the ‘right’ way and looking right and fitting workouts in at times that didn’t suit me, etc etc. Now that my primary goal with exercise and food is to do what I feel like doing, I’m remembering what it was like to love it.

I felt so good that I wanted to run around punching the air and I even did a bit because why the hell not, right?

More specific goals will come but for the moment, I still need to get out of the diet mindset and the persistent thoughts that exercise is for the purpose of weight loss and looking a certain way. Until I’ve worked through that, it will just mean going backwards if I try to do more.

It’s a slow process and that’s okay. Whatever you’re doing today, I hope it’s something that feels good 🙂

~ B

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